Ronnie Gardiner Swedish Drummer Deserving Wider Recognition Award (SDDWRA)

This Award is given annually to a promising Swedish drummer and will continue to be given until the year of 2032. The recipient of this Award recieves 3,000 SEK and a memento of the occasion.

The award of 2018 was presented at Fasching in Stockholm 16th of January 2019.


1) Must be a Swedish Citizen

2) Not over 32 of age

3) A freelance musician

4) Must have some experience of playing jazz

5) A good role model for future drummers.

Recipients of the the SDDWRA in chronological order:

1998     Jesper Kviberg
1999     Marcus Lewin
2000     Fredrik Rundquist
2001     Jon Persson
2002     Daniel Fredriksson
2003     Mattias Puttonen
2004     Calle Rasmussen
2005     Jon Fält
2006     Ola Hultgren
2007     Moussa Fadera
2008     Robert Ikiz
2009     Sebastian Ågren
2010     Olle Dernevik
2011     Paul Svanberg
2012     Konrad Agnas
2013     Staffan Ålander
2014     Kark-Henrik Ousbäck
2015     Ludvig Gustavsson
2016     Rasmus Blix

2017     Oscar Johansson Werre
2018     Anna Lund