The Ronnie Gardiner Method has been used successfully in groups with stroke, Parkinson’s disease, depression, D.A.M.P., A.D.H.D., Multiple Scerosis, healthy ageing, dementia, autism,dyslexia and in school with children and learning. This method is an important additive to health care for all.

Research on the Ronnie Gardiner Method has taken place at:
– The Karolinska Institute – Stockholm Stroke Association – Stockholm Nursing Home – Sahlgrenska University Hospital – And several small studies with results

Links to studies of the method:

Betydelsen av berikande miljöer för strokedrabbade i sent skede

Ronnie Gardiner Method Innovative Music Based Intervention Neurological Rehabilitation

Ridning och rytm är en bra terapi efter stroke

The Ronnie Gardiner Rhythm and Music Method – a feasibility study in Parkinson’s disease

Can the Ronnie Gardiner Method improve language, Communication and quality of life for people with aphasia? Master thesis in Speech and Language Pathology

Why not exersice the brain as same time as your body? Article by Ngare Kerse, 12 February -14

Participation in dance, rhythm and music activities, Thesis of Kersti Thornberg_Kerstin_Thornberg RGM Parkinson, Pohl et al (2)