Quotes about the method

Ronnie Gardiner Method & Stroke Rehabilitation

“I had a stroke and was deteriorating. I had ended up in a wheelchair, but with The Ronnie Gardiner Method, I began to move again. Today, I work full-time and live a normal life.”

/Jan Hjalmarssons

“With The Ronnie Gardiner Method, Ronnie Gardiner was one of the earliest to use dance, music, and rhythm as a type of treatment. He has made a pioneering contribution. Those who have participated in the program have become better, more secure, and have laid the foundation for continuing successful rehabilitation”

/Professor Michael Nilsson, Professor of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine, Head of Rehabilitation Medicine at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden

“The training is a lot of fun and I feel a definite improvement”

/Marianne Haasma, Psychiatric Nurse, Kristinehamn, Sweden, suffers from Parkinson’s

“They are so focused during the training that there is little chance for pain signals to get through. The effect of pain reduction lasts for several days. Many patients and their relatives experience that they have been given a whole new life.”

/Carina Svahn, Nurse, Music Leader and The Ronnie Gardiner Method Teacher, Kristenehamn Rehabilitation

“A man who had a stroke 20 years ago had been unable to read a newspaper or book. He was 80 years old when he started training with me. Now he reads the newspaper every day and and he ploughs through thick books without the least difficulty and solves crossword puzzles.”

/Carina Svahn, Nurse, Music Leader and The Ronnie Gardiner Method Teacher, Kristinehamn Rehabilitation