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The Ronnie Gardiner Method


The Ronnie Gardiner Method has been implemented with health care and rehabilitation since 1993 in Sweden. This method can be used to help people with brain injuries, diseases of the central nervous system as well as use with healthy brains. The Ronnie Gardiner Method is multisensory using: audio, visual, tactile and kinetic energy with rhythm, music and sound/movement codes.

This method is practiced with the advantage of a group activity as well as individually. The Ronnie Gardiner Method stimulates: mobility, reading, speech, self-esteem, body image, balance, memory, motor skills, concentration and social skill.

The RGM is an accredited updated method. Ronnie Gardiner only endorses RGM and all material must have his name and the RGM logo.

The method was born on the day that I had planned to die” Ronnie Gardiner

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Petra Pohl:
Ronnie Gardiner Method Innovative Music Based Intervention Neurological Rehabilitation 

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Scientific study published regarding stroke rehabilitation with music rythm therapy:

Long-Term Improvements After Multimodal Rehabilitation

Click here to read a summary in English:  Summary Long Term Improvements

Multimodal interventions can improve long-term perception of recovery, as well as balance, gait, grip strength, and working memory in a mixed population of individuals in late phase after stroke.

The Ronnie Gardiner Method is today taught in several countries:

Ronnie Gardiner Method, Barcelona

Ronnie Gardiner Method, Germany

Ronnie Gardiner Method, Hungary

Ronnie Gardiner Method, Israel

Ronnie Gardiner Method, Netherlands

Ronnie Gardiner Method, Sweden